Friday, October 30, 2009

Confused by law

I get this SMS from a confused soul one day:

"Assume you are my brother. Then what is your wife to me?
Is it sister in law or brother in law?"

For those in my office, no points for guessing who sent this message ;-)

Anyway, in case you know The Right Answer™, then have you heard the term co-brother?

PS: Yeah, I did think of replying: "neither, it's 'bhabhi'". But then again, he wouldn't understand that either!

PPS: Just discovered: doing a Google image search for 'bhabhi' brings up all sorts of 'interesting' images!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kabab - Restaurant

"Kabab - Taste of Arabia" - how can any honest glutton ignore a signboard like that? And so we (me, Sandeep & Adarsh) decided to pay a visit to this restaurant at Pattom (opposite to LIC/Railway/BSNL building) for dinner yesterday.

Kababs, Kababs and more Kababs! but....

As the restaurant's name goes, there are several Kababs on the menu. We were confused by the choice that was offered. Having come here for the first time (and for no other reason, honest!), we decided to go for variety and ordered 'half' servings of three different Kababs - Malai Kabab, Kalimirch Kabab & Arabian Kabab (whatever that is).

When the dishes were served, all confusions (about choice) vanished. They all looked exactly the same! We asked the waiter boy to point out and he did his random 'this is that, and that is this' routine.

Anyway, it didn't matter much because they all tasted the same. Absolutely no difference at all (or perhaps our taste buds are not sensitive enough, our fault, totally). Should've re-arranged the plates and then asked the waiter to figure them out!

In the quest to find a different Kabab, we ordered 'that red colour Kabab' (they call it Resmi Kabab). That turned out to be a little different in taste and appearance, but nothing great.

In short, the restaurant does not live up to it's name. The ambience is not that great, but the prices are not too high either. A half serving has 6 Kabab pieces and costs Rs.70-80. The Kababs (at least the 4 we tried) all taste the same and leave nothing to brag about.

PS: If you're a lover of Kababs/Kebabs, I recommend you try the Salarjung Kabab at Dakhani Degh. It's awesome. You may skip the Dakhani Sheekh Kabab, though.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rain Forest - Restaurant

Had dinner at the 'Rain Forest' restaurant in Vazhuthacaud, Thiruvananthapuram. It's on the right hand side (when coming from Vellayambalam), after the SriMulam Club Junction.
The place is not 'on' the road side and hence it's silent, comfy and of course clean.

We (me, Kurian & Ashik) ordered chicken noodles, Spaghetti Bolognaise (or Bolognese), Sandwich (ലൈറ്റായിട്ട്!), chilly chicken etc. as the main course. This was of course preceded by a generous serving of soup and starters: fish fingers and chicken gold coin (it doesn't look as yummy as in that link).

The verdict
The fish fingers were awesome. Some of the best we've ever had. Highly recommended. Chicken gold coins, unfortunately, were terrible. Drenched in oil, these were no fun at all!
Spaghetti Bolognaise was quite good and the noodles was not bad either. The chilly chicken, again, was burnt and was a let down.

Overall, this place is quite cool; but not all dishes are up to the mark. Love the fish fingers, though ;-)

PS: The prices are quite good here. The menu card won't make you lose your appetite.

Update (26 Dec, 2009): This place apparently is quite bad if you are looking for some lunch. They had only Thali meals and Chicken Biryani on the lunch menu - both quite terrible! Guess this is a 'dinner-only' place.