Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rain Forest - Restaurant

Had dinner at the 'Rain Forest' restaurant in Vazhuthacaud, Thiruvananthapuram. It's on the right hand side (when coming from Vellayambalam), after the SriMulam Club Junction.
The place is not 'on' the road side and hence it's silent, comfy and of course clean.

We (me, Kurian & Ashik) ordered chicken noodles, Spaghetti Bolognaise (or Bolognese), Sandwich (ലൈറ്റായിട്ട്!), chilly chicken etc. as the main course. This was of course preceded by a generous serving of soup and starters: fish fingers and chicken gold coin (it doesn't look as yummy as in that link).

The verdict
The fish fingers were awesome. Some of the best we've ever had. Highly recommended. Chicken gold coins, unfortunately, were terrible. Drenched in oil, these were no fun at all!
Spaghetti Bolognaise was quite good and the noodles was not bad either. The chilly chicken, again, was burnt and was a let down.

Overall, this place is quite cool; but not all dishes are up to the mark. Love the fish fingers, though ;-)

PS: The prices are quite good here. The menu card won't make you lose your appetite.

Update (26 Dec, 2009): This place apparently is quite bad if you are looking for some lunch. They had only Thali meals and Chicken Biryani on the lunch menu - both quite terrible! Guess this is a 'dinner-only' place.


  1. hmmn.. my experience was disappointing...Fish fingers were gud, but nothing spectacular. Butter chicken was awful! Chicken 65 was toooooooo oily... Fried rise was ordinary. nothing much to say about soups also... :-(

  2. my experience was really has bcome our hotspot during weekends....i really love the ambience....

  3. had a chicken steak which was yummy, fried rice was k...Interior s good..Overall i liked it...

  4. Ahh thanks for the review. Been wanting to try that place. When you say prices are good, you mean good as in downright cheap or good as in good for the hotel owner?

  5. @Cris
    I wouldn't say 'downright cheap' (perhaps it is when compared to the Taj!). It's definitely less that those at a place like Sindhoor, for example.

    Anyway, it must be good for the hotel owner too ;-)

    Yummy chicken steak, huh? That makes me wanna go there again..

  6. the ADD posted on Hindu suggests Affordable!!!!. You dont get a costlier Paratha anywhere else except the star hotels in the city. And it was cold like cocumber....

  7. @sup: Really? How much do they charge for the parathas? Going by the other items in the menu, it mustn't be too costly.
    It seems we've lots of mixed opinions about this one!

  8. Hello,

    Thank you for all your comments. I shall try out day with my family and post my comments :-)

    Was looking for as dine-out for a long time.

    Thank you


  9. Hey All,

    It was indeed a wonderful stuff. We really enjoyed the food. We ordered Kashmiri Pulav, Fried rice and chicken mughalai. My wife was saying "She had fried rice from many restuarnts in TVM, this one is the best". The quantity was great. and tasty as well. And the price was very good compared to similiar places.

    I give them a 5 STAR ratings..


    Shibu & Sandhya

  10. Is the restaurant closed down? No signs of functioning nowadays..

    Once I ordered for mutton biriyani. I had a plate full of mutton pieces with minimum rice! Then I presumed that this wont run for long!! :-))

  11. @Anonymous
    Indeed.. my experience with the chicken biriyani was equally terrible.

  12. when i went there it was a very good experience for me but i dont know whether it is functioning nowadays..