Sunday, November 16, 2008

KNetWalk - A cool KDE game

KDE 4 has a great collection of small games and educational tools. Unlike the edu-package, the games hadn't got much publicity IMHO. I was testing Fedora 10 Preview Release, and I came across this game called KNetWalk.
It's a wonderful game, and I'd strongly recommend you give it a go, if you like those small puzzle-solving games.

The objective of this 'build the network' game is to connect all clients to a server (the icon looks more like the Internet) using wires.
The screenshot explains it well. You can click on the wires (and the server/clients) to rotate them. In the above screenshot, 3 machines have connectivity and 3 don't.
I don't know if the game was in KDE 3.5. Check your KDE to see if it has KNetWalk. The Fedora 10 Preview is looking quite awesome and I can't wait for the final release.

Update: It seems the game is theme-able. In the game settings, there was an electronis theme. Instead of building a LAN, you've to connect ICs to a power cell. Neat..

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