Sunday, August 23, 2009


Just got back home from 'Kaminey'. I was tempted to give it a go after I heard Rajeev Masand on CNN-IBN had given it a 4/5 rating, and called it a 'MUFT-WATCH' (the protagonist in this movie has a speech impairment - he says F for S!). I say, IT IS NOT!

The good
It's different. The regular 'judwa bhai' formulae of Bollywood are not found here. So, regular viewers of Bollywood junk might quite like this one (I guess that's where the "awesome" reviews come from!)
The casting and acting is great. Every single actor has done his/her job rather neatly. Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra have done really well. Even the other less important roles have been done pretty well. I liked the actor who played the drug lord 'Tashi'.
The dialogues are very refined and provoke laughter without trying too hard. I couldn't notice and gangster slang (bc/mc) that's so typical of Hindi movies these days.
The film is technically superb too - the visuals are very appealing, and the background score is nice too.

The bad
The story! I have to disagree with Rajeev Masand here. It's way too predictable. There's not a single awesome twist in the whole movie. If you have had your fair share of Hollywood thriller flicks, you can expect every turn (no sharp ones there) this story takes. The ending of the movie is very much like that of Enemy of the State (1998), albeit without the twins!

The Editing: It's non-linear. But that alone doesn't make it any good. It's no Quentin Tarantino stuff (remember Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill). Some scene cuts are just way too silly (Priyanka Chopra suddenly wielding a machine gun!) and makes you honestly say 'what the heck!'.

The ugly
There's nothing ugly. This is not a bad movie. Just that it's highly over-rated.

As a movie, it's only average, you might call it a good Hindi movie, though!


PS: As always, Priyanka Chopra is sooo sexy. I just hope she doesn't lose any more weight!

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