Wednesday, September 16, 2009

À la carte - Restaurant

The 'À la carte' restaurant has been running (it better be, away!) at Kesavadasapuram, opposite to M.G. College. It's in the infamous 'Pazhoor Plaza' building (infamous only because of the computer shop: Pazhoor Ideal Systems).

Had dinner there today, with my father. The ambience was better than I expected and had some class. But all was lost when the food was served. It's pretty bad. We had chilly chicken, mushroom masala, chilly gobi & roti. Except for the roti, everything else was quite terrible. The dishes are somewhat pricey too.

I wasn't very excited to see Rs.30 for the grape juice, but it turned out to be the best part of my dinner.

So, if you've spotted this restaurant and have been thinking about paying a visit, you can safely let that feeling pass. There are far better ways of spending those Rs.100 notes, and you'll get much better food in return too.


PS: In case you didn't know, À la carte is a French phrase meaning "according to the menu". I knew because we have the same thing in our office canteen!


  1. hmmm...
    Was planning to visit the place since I saw their hoarding somewhere in the city.

  2. hi,
    My experience was totally different, I like the food and ambience well, need to improve the quality of service staffs

  3. How come that happen, i had very good experience from this restaurant, ambience was quit good, Chinese food was so tasty, and well the price was also less, and had ample parking space too