Monday, November 9, 2009

Kerala Cafe

The feedback from some friends from office and Cris's post made me want to watch the movie - Kerala Cafe. So, braving the rain and the Monday Syndrome, we decided to go for the 'second show' on Sunday night. Breaking the routine, we reached the theater early enough to beat the crowd. But the lack of a crowd or even a reasonably long queue cast some doubts on the quality of the movie.

Anyway, thanks to Divya (that's Kurian's wifey) and the ladies' counter, we got the tickets in no time and got in.
Again - plenty of seats to choose from in the balcony. If this movie is so good, then where the hell is the audience?

Fortunately, the movie was really good. I'm not gonna give a review of all the 10 stories here (you knew it had 10 stories, right?), but let me list down some observations/gripes:

1. Dileep is a terrible and horrible actor. The first movie, starring him, could've been good if the director had done better and cast someone who can act. He should really get some acting lessons from Salim Kumar who has done really well.

2. Shaji Kailas really screwed up with 'Lalita Hiranmayi'. If you liked the concept (even otherwise), you should watch Arth starring Shabana Azmi, Kulbhushan Kharbanda & Smita Patil. Suresh Gopi was real dummy and Jyothirmayi's not-so-bad performance couldn't save anything.

3. Mrithyunjayam (മൃത്യുഞ്ജയം) was the biggest disappointment. They were better off with just 9 movies. Didn't get a clue about what the director wanted to tell us!

4. Shyamaprasad disappointed. The concept was okay but something's wrong with the way it was presented. I didn't watch Ritu, but it seems his collaboration with Joshua Newtonn isn't doing him much good ;-)

5. All the remaining stories were great - some plain brilliant.

6. The makeup is brilliant. I really liked Sreenivasan's looks (see the still above).

To summarise, I found the movie pretty awesome - barring the few bad ones listed above. Some of the stories were absolutely brilliant and almost all actors gave amazing performances. The future of Malayalam cinema seems to be in good hands.

So, go ahead and watch this movie. Highly recommended.

PS: If you have been burnt by Dus Kahaniyan, this will probably bring back your faith in these kind of experiments.

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