Monday, May 3, 2010

Hotel Teekay Palace - Restaurant

Hotel Teekay Palace is a tall but otherwise unattractive building, at Aristo Junction, near Thampanoor. Just a couple of days after its opening, we had spotted it while dining at the roof-top restaurant of Hotel Horizon. :-)

The reception desk of the hotel is good enough and the restaurant welcomes you with the promise of Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisine. Unfortunately, that's pretty much everything good I've to say about this restaurant. The substandard quality shows in the dirty table cloths, scratched chair cushions and a washroom that doesn't have running water.

All that could've been forgiven (if not forgotten) if they had served us some lip smacking food. Unfortunately, that didn't happen either. Apparently, their idea of 'ularthiyathu' (ഉലര്‍ത്തിയത്) is burnt food. Both beef ularthiyathu and prawns made us cry over the lost money and appetite. Grilled seer fish was a let down too. The chapathis were dry and hard and the all-maida naans were no good either. In the end, we were too disappointed to even consider the desserts menu (a dinner-out without desserts? huh!).

To add to the ambiance, there was a fat loner at the restaurant who was in very high spirits. He provided entertainment to the few who entered the restaurant by talking, singing and passing comments - all sparsely decipherable, but loud gibberish. He must've been somebody important (perhaps for the Hotel management), since the restaurant manager was giving him company.

Overall, if a good dinner at a nice place is what you think your money's worth, then better stay away from Teekay palace.


  1. What would be your choice other than SPG..for a dinner?

  2. @Anonymous: I'd recommend the following restaurants: SP Grand Days, Maurya Rajadhani, Black pepper, sindhoor, zam zam, Dakhani Dekh etc.. (YMMV)

  3. @Anonymous: There are others like Salwa Dine