Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hotel White Dammar - Restaurant

The news of inauguration of a 3-star hotel near Pappanamcode by K.B. Ganesh Kumar had appeared in local news papers a while ago. The new Hotel White Dammar is located a little further from Pappanamcode Jn. (less than 1km), towards Neyyattinkara/Nagercoil side.

The name of the hotel did enthuse us and we decided to try it out. If you too decide that way, be aware of a few caveats. Their website (which is still under construction, btw) lists a veg. restaurant, a multi cuisine restaurant, a 'high spirit' restaurant and a coffee shop among the facilities at the hotel. Being strong non-vegetarians, our eyes were of course set on the multi cuisine restaurant.

However (sigh!), the hotel itself was still under construction, and only "Anna Bhavan" - the veg. restaurant was open. Only a veg restaurant at a 3-star hotel? Hmmm.. Anyway, we decided to give it a try, hoping for some steaming vegetarian food. The next shock was the menu (or the lack of one). The only items available were Dosa, Parotta & Chapathi. And curries, you ask? Sambar for Dosa and standard Veg. Kuruma for the rest.
Things can't get any worse at a 3-star hotel, right?

We decided to go for Masala Dosa and Ghee Roast Dosa. To be honest, that was pretty good. The Sambar and Chutneys were good enough. Dosa is priced at Rs.45, fair enough for a big hotel. The coffee was decent too.

This visit was 2 days after the official inauguration, and they were still in active construction mode. The wash room didn't have lights on and was used as kind of a store room for building materials. The next time I pay these guys a visit, I'm gonna give them a call (0471-2496601, 2496603) first to make sure their non-veg restaurant is really open.

Update (1 Jul, 2011):
Their non-veg restaurant is now open! It's fairly decent, though not magnificent, and noticeably missing a buffet option.

The menu is rather conventional and doesn't offer much variety in cuisines or desserts. Roti, Bhatoora, Chicken Mughlai and other curries in general were very enjoyable. The Chicken tikka, however was over-burnt and bitter.
Overall, I'd say it's an okay place (not exactly cheap, of course) for dinner.

PS: For all those strict vegetarians, the restaurant manager told me that they have separate kitchens for veg & non-veg restaurants.


  1. Hi Syam, pinneedu ee hotelil poyo? NJaan locals aayiitum ithuvare poyilla. Onnu poi nokkatte.

  2. Ha, forgot! Many happy returns of the day! Happy marriage anniversary!

  3. @NS Srikanth
    Yes.. I've been there thrice. Twice in 'Anna bhavan' and and once to the non-veg restaurant.
    The veg place now offers more things on the menu.

    And, thanks for the wishes :-) I'm pleasantly surprised.