Thursday, April 9, 2009

SP Grand Days

After getting disappointed at the Taj Residency, I paid a visit to the new SP Grand Days hotel at Panavila Junction (near Bakery jn.). This time, I had my parents with me, both vegetarians!

I'm told that the hotel has been operating for about 2 months now. I must say I was really impressed by the ambience and the service. The restaurant on the 2nd floor was not too roomy, but very well set up. The ambience and the feel was just great.
I believe they are not yet up to full steam, since the menu card was a bunch of A4 printouts, stapled together. After confirming that there were ample choices for vegetarians in the buffet menu, we took the plunge.

To cut the review short, it was Awesome!!. The food was great, but only 5 dishes in the non-veg menu. Unlike the Taj, the veg side had even more variety and the dishes were absolutely great. If you go there, don't miss out on the 'grilled fish', it's quite good.

There were plenty of salads (both veg and non-veg), and the desserts too. But somehow, I found the desserts to be not up to the mark.

When they gave me the bill, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had billed the veg buffet separately at Rs.200 (the non-veg was Rs.350). Nowhere have I seen this, anyway, money saver, didn't mind :-)
The manager tells me that they are planning a Malabari Food Festival 11th of April onwards.

I hope this restaurant stays great (unlike the tragic Classic Avenue, which turned evil - to Thai and bland cuisine). So, give SP a visit. Highly recommended.

Update (7 May, 2009) Paid a visit again to SP. Good news.. They have not turned evil. The food and ambience is still great.


  1. Yes Smoke,

    I really agree with you.Even we also had a very good time there in SP Grand Days. The ambience is so wonderful that you will not get bored.
    Only problem i also agree is that the restaurant is not a big one.But no worries as the dishes are so good to taste and lovely.

    Will definitely go back to there for our stay in trivandrum

  2. Yes guys,Jus like what is told;I too visited SP Grand Days recently.excellent ambience is the fine attractiveness and also the courtesy extended by the staff is unforgettable.
    But the morning breakfast needs to be elaborte a bit more.
    The stay was very nice and affordable for business class.Really the caption they have put is right-Stay Ahead...



  3. @Rajesh
    Thanks for the comments. The manager did tell me about their 'morning breakfast'. Haven't tried it out yet, but thought it was a bit too pricey for the menu.

  4. Hey smoke! howz the hotel accommodation as such? Any idea? Sorry I am coming from bangalore and trying to book there. Any help will be much appreciated.

  5. @Mohamed Hafeez
    Unfortunately, I haven't stayed in the hotel. I am from Thiruvananthapuram and hence have no need (yet ;-)) for a hotel accommodation.
    But there's an anonymous comment on this article saying the stay there was nice. Going by their ambiance, hospitality of the staff, and, of course, the food, I guess it must be pretty good.

    And, welcome to Anantapuri!

  6. Hey Thankyou Smoke..Mom's b'day is coming up. Wanted to plan a surprise dinner for her. Was finding it hard to settle on where to go and came across your review about SP. Now...all set to go there! :)

  7. Hey Smoke. Just back from Trivandrum and wanted to let you know that the Breakfast at Taj wasn't great either (considering the 5 star standards at Bangalore/Chennai). I stayed there for 2 days and both the days the breakfast variety was limited. The only factor I see is that they charged only 450 whereas others do at 750 or a 1000.

    Thankx. But I got a chance to see the SP Grands building, looked cool.

    But just for the records, the Taj is brilliant with super service.