Monday, April 6, 2009

The Taj Disappointment

The Taj Residency has been operating in Vazhuthacaud for quite some time now. A friend of ours had received gift coupons worth Rs. 3000, redeemable at any Taj hotel in India. Thanks to his employment in Canada (and his wife, another friend of ours, being a ghaas-phoos), he handed over the coupons to us, the friendly neighbourhood gourmands!

All this happened a good 10 months back, and the coupons would expire in a couple of days. So we decided to act quickly and decided to give the Taj Residency (rather than Taj Green Cove Resort in Kovalam) the privilage of serving us.

We were three - Kurian, Machi and me. Kurian, being in his Easter season, and Machi being a (Egg)Pattar were vegetarians.

The Taj
We had high expectations of the Taj ambience. The main hall was good, but not brilliant. The restaurant was a bit crammed with lots of noise - people chattering all around. Not what we expected from the Taj! We had the choice of buffet or à la carte, and being a true gourmand I convinced the two to opt for buffet (poor things.. only if they knew what was in store for them.. he he..)

The salads were okay and had enough choice. The non-veg dishes were also plenty, but nothing too tasty. Only a couple were good, the rest were so-so and some even bad.
But nothing could prepare the poor veggies for what awaited them.. The 'soup' they had was our very own 'rasam'. And the main course, you ask? Champa rice and Pulissery! That's it..
They had come to The Taj to have rice and pulissery!
There were no noodles/pulav/fried rice/spagetti.. only Appam, Roti and some other bread..

Fortunately, the desserts were pretty good and had lots of variety.

In the end, the bill came to Rs. 2200. That's about Rs.730 per person, and lots of disappointment. What has the world come to? ;-)

In case you are looking for a good place to have a buffet dinner, I'd strongly recommend Hotel Horizon (only on friday, saturday and sunday) and the Residency Tower (Statue).

Now, the next destination is Muthoot Plaza!


  1. hmm...Muthoot was pretty gud...don kno wats instore nowadays...but its also pretty costly...:-) anyway thnx 4 the Taj warning

  2. Eda pullukale.. njan illaathe neeyokke poyille ? athinte phalam aanu. Poya hotelum kooora kanda cinemayum koora :P

  3. hey guys go and try out at sp grand days . The dnner is sooo excellent and on the whole its awsome. a realy affordable price. i love it so much..:)

  4. Advaith: Thanks for the suggestion. I've already been to SP Grand Days and it is one of my favourite restaurants in town. My experience here: