Monday, December 14, 2009

HotSpot Cafe - Coffee shop

Thiruvananthapuram doesn't have its fair share of coffee shops (read 'hangout place'). Traditionally, we've been addicted to tea rather than coffee, and that's probably for the better.
Anyway, a new coffee shop opened yesterday at Ambalamukku (just after the junction, on the left hand side when you're coming from Peroorkada). It's called 'HotSpot Cafe' and it's all painted red (Cafe Coffee Day Redux?).

Me and Viswajit stopped by today to check it out. To get decent review value (and for that alone, I swear!) we ordered quite a lot (at 6PM) of stuff. I'm sure the owner was pretty happy and wished the business were this good everyday. Being fresh new, they didn't have a menu card - but that didn't stop us from getting through our routine.

We had chicken hot dogs, two types of sandwiches, coffee mousse, cappuccino, cold coffee with ice cream, hot coffee with chocolate etc. etc.. Okay.. I admit.. I'm exaggerating. There's no 'etc. etc.' - except for the 'pineapple cake' I took home packed :-)

So, how does HotSpot Cafe fare when compared to big names like Ambrosia and Coffee Day? It's not bad, but it's no Ambrosia killer. The service is great, but except for the Coffee Mousse and perhaps the trivial cold coffee with ice cream, the other dishes were just 'okay' - nothing great to brag about.
The ambience is good enough (better than the cramped Ambrosia), but not as good as Coffee Day; but then again, these guys don't charge you as much as Coffee Day either. So I guess this is a fair deal :-)

Anyway, it's nice too see more comfy places coming up where people can sit and relax and chat and drink and eat and doze off.

PS: If you're interested in such places, the 'Passion Fruit', Medical College Jn., near new Azad Bread Factory is an okay place too.


  1. Thinnum kudichum nadakkadaa...njaan illlathappol.... :-(

  2. Sandeep: Bhaaa.. nee banglore-il 'enjoy' cheyyukayalle? Abhasan!

  3. you have to go to Varkala and visit the Coffee Temple. best in Kerala , easy

  4. @Synapse: That's too bad :(
    Recently, I did notice that "Passion Cake", their bakery outlet at Peroorkada was closed too.