Saturday, December 26, 2009

Spice Hut - Restaurant

'Spice Hut' - how's that for a restaurant's name? Clichéd, but good enough, isn't it? That's what I thought too. This 'Family Restaurant' at the Pattom junction, just around the corner of the Pattom-Marappalam turn had been in my cross-hairs for quite a while.

Dinner with two friends at the 'Spice Hut' may not exactly be the ideal way to spend the Christmas eve. The restaurant is not too big, but is comfy. Unfortunately, that's the only good thing I can say about this place.

To save you from the blabbering, here's a quick list of things we had:

1. Cream of tomato soup - Terrible
2. Chicken 65 - Even more so!
3. French fries - Horrible!
4. Roti - Not bad
5. Kadai Chicken - Pretty bad
6. Chicken kothuparotta - Not bad
7. Veg. kothuparotta - Not bad
8. Fresh orange/pineapple juice - Good

All the dishes were drenched in some weird oil with lumps of turmeric in the chicken!

This place may not be so tough on your pockets, but when it comes to your apetite, it's a whole different story!
Definitely not a good place to have dinner, and especially not on Christmas eve!


PS: There's a Chinese and Thai food festival going on at Hotel Horizon (Dec 25-30). How 'bout that!


  1. Thinnadaaa , thinnu...cholesterol 280 aanu ennu marakkaruthu

  2. Thanks, friendly neighbourhood gourmand. We were considering Spice Hut until your extensive experience educated us. Suggest taking a bow !!

  3. I had been to the restaurant recently. find the settings really good. Food, fairly good, going by the Trivandrum standards. From their menu it seems that they are positioning for the health conscious sector, like no MSG, no reheated oil, no artificial etc etc. May be we have to watch and wait

  4. @Mohammed Shahid
    Thanks.. I hope there was no sarcasm there ;-)

    Hmm.. I too found the restaurant to be comfortable. But with the quantity of oil they use, I don't think they're targeting the health conscious!

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  6. @above... The restaurant is not only comfortable but its just awesome and if you go for the oil, i have checked it and they use quality one and there is no point of targeting them on health base !

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