Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nisha @ Hotel Pankaj - Rooftop Restaurant

Walking in to the lobby of Hotel Pankj (yes, that's at Statue, opposite to the Secretariat), we were offered three choices - Maya, Nisha & Sandhya. Sounds hot? Just that these are the names of their restaurants. We chose Nisha, the roof-top restaurant.

I won't go on much about the food since it wasn't very good. The pulao wasn't terrible, but wasn't that good either. The food is just okay and not worth the time (or money) it takes to get it. It seemed that people visited this restaurant only to have couple of drinks in peace. Mirinda for the kids, beer for the uncle and whiskey for the dad - that's the way things were flowing.

As for me, I came down with stomach ache and fever the very next day. To be fair, Ashik, who too ate everything we ordered (including the sliced pork with capsicum), was just fine. I guess my hard earned pathogen-burning skills have diminished over the years :(

Note to self: Must have more practice and regain digest-all powers!

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