Thursday, April 29, 2010

Flavors - Restaurant

Flavors is a small trendy diner at Women's college Junction, Vazhuthacaud (right after the Bata showroom), promising to deliver a different experience.

Walking towards Flavors, one notices attractive blue lighting and more cafe style settings. The place is too damn small to be a serious restaurant. There's hardly 4 tables, and a bar table, but with no place on the other side of it!

The menu seemed to be predominantly continental, but I was surprised to find 'kozhi biriyani' (AFAIR) in the offering. Apparently, they've little bit of everything in the menu, including Chinese.

I can't say anything reasonably decent about the food though. This place doesn't offer anything to the serious gourmand. There's no 'difference' to be felt here. There are several places in the city where you get far better food. The fried rice and the chicken curries (I don't even remember the ones we ordered, they were so forgettable) don't deserve much appreciation.

Another irritation with the place is that it's so crowded. They seem to have succeeded in attracting far too many people to be managed with their meagre settings. So, if you're in search for some quiet comfy dinner, look someplace else.

In short, this is more of a place to have a cup of coffee or iced tea, and that too only if it's not the rush hour. Serious gourmands, go some place else :(

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