Monday, November 11, 2013

Philips and the Monkey Pen - Movie Review

Philips and the Monkey Pen is a children's film that showcases the innocence of childhood. The central character is Ryan Philips (played by Sanoop, actress Sanusha's brother), a mischievous school boy who has a special dread for Mathematics. His parents (played by Jayasurya & Remya Nambisan) are good folks who love him and generally let him do whatever it is that he does.

Ryan is exceptionally bad at mathematics. He is terrified of the subject and hates the teacher (played by Vijay Babu) who regularly mocks and canes him for not doing his homework. Ryan's quest for a solution to his maths homework chores first takes him to his love interest - Joan. After that route fails, he stumbles up on a magic pen - The Monkey Pen, from his grand father's (Joy Mathew) antique collection. The pen is believed to have magical powers and had even helped Robert Bristow to build Kochi's Willingdon island. The rest of the story is about how Ryan's days are transformed by the pen and the magic it does to his life.

Sanoop as Ryan Philips has delivered a decent performance although some of his lines seemed to be artificial and forced.  Jayasurya has done a fair though not spectacular job while Remya Nambisan didn't have to do much with her role. Vijay Babu as the mathematics teacher was convincing while Mukesh's character as the school principle wasn't specifically noteworthy.

Overall I find the film only slightly above average. The film is notable for its great visuals and good performances by the child actors. However the script and direction weren't up to the mark and the story telling left a lot to be desired. The movie wanders off track in several places and the makers seem to be confused about the correct dosage of preaching to be stuffed in the movie.

When Ryan went to work at the school with his magic pen, I couldn't help but recollect Haley Joel Osment's performance in the movie Pay It Forward (just another kid-in-a-school story, no plagiarism accusations please).

PS: I wonder how they come up with the kids' names! Ryan Philips is perhaps one of those stylish (read western) christian names that have become popular these days (along with the likes of Rex, Max etc.). His friends have Amar-Akbar-Antony names, making it look like they want to maintain cultural balance in their panel for winning the next elections! The class topper is named Decimal! What's next, Binary?

PPS: മങ്കി പെന്‍, മങ്കിപ്പെന്‍, മണ്ടിപ്പെണ്ണ്..  ആ..യെന്ത്? ഛെ ഛെ..


  1. Didnt understand the climax..if jayasurya was the 'monkey pen' then how did he know that his son needs a topic for exhibition?

  2. This was the best and most fitting review of this movie I have read on the net. Especially about the "correct dose of preaching to be stuffed". "Stuffed" was the same word I thought of too! Kudos Shyam Krishnan! It describes the film EXACTLY! I have nothing more to add.

  3. @Anonymous First
    Yeah.. the film does have several such loopholes.

    @Anonymous Second
    Thanks.. :-)

  4. Oh well, dont think any of you above grasped the essence of the film! It could not have had a more brilliant climax.

  5. @Anonymous Third
    Well, everybody is entitled to their own opinions. It doesn't mean all those who didn't share your view failed to 'grasp the essence'!

  6. If you had 'grasped the essence' you most likely would have had a different view!

  7. Anonymous one
    Didn't u see the scene clearly? Ryan was talking to his pen about the theme when his dad's voice is heard in the background asking him with whom is he speaking. So jayasurya overheard him.
    Syam Krishnan.. Loopholes polum huh...