Friday, June 4, 2010

Curries by Amritha - Restaurant

Curries is a new take-home counter from the famous Amritha Hotel group. It's at Kowdiar, right next to Cafe Coffee Day (yup, the old Nikki-Nikita place).

The attractive food counter had a number of non-vegetarian dishes in the offering, but only one vegetarian dish. The servings are measured by weight and reasonably priced (250g chicken curry costs Rs.80).

I tried the chicken curry (what better to try at a restaurant named curries?). It was not very spicy and had too much potato content for my taste. The mutton fry (not too dry) was very spicy and quite good. The Gobi Manchurian was fine too. But the best part of the meal was the Rotis. They had little or no maida and were delicious enough to be devoured without any curry.

To conclude, Curries shows lot of promise (unlike the previous occupants of that place). Do checkout their chicken bartha, it looked interesting...


  1. hw dare u solid smoke to just say all the restaurents in the city are hope less and only this Curries is Good. Do try from a restuarent and post some thing as a truth. dont just blame all others . is the curries owned by u? ????

  2. @Anonymous
    How dare I? Really? When did I say all the restaurants in the city were hopeless? On the contrary, I maintain that there are quite a few great restaurants in Tvpm.
    I don't know where you get the idea that I am implying that Curries is the only good restaurant in town!