Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mezbaan - Restaurant

"Mezbaan" - how does that sound? Well, if the title didn't tell ya, it's a new restaurant claiming to specialize in Malabari cuisine. It's on the ground floor of the Vyapara Bhavan building at Manjalikkulam (down the Gandhari Amman Kovil Road, towards Thampanoor).

The restaurant is not very big, accommodating less than ten tables. The place looks okay enough. The palm-leaf and bamboo walls and kerosene lanterns (കമ്പി റാന്തല്‍) (they're just decorative, of course) are mixed with Chinese paper lanterns/lamps to give a colourful and mildly weird ambience.

The menu is very attractive although the prices are slightly on the higher side. Chicken/mutton biryani are priced at Rs.100.
As always, we (three of us) went for variety and asked for a sizeable number of dishes. To our disappointment, we found a large disparity between what's listed on the menu and what's actually available. The kitchen seemed to support only 30% of the menu :-(

The menu claims that the biryani is cooked in the traditional Dum style. Unfortunately, their idea of biryani turned out to be chicken and mutton pieces stuffed under a bowl of plain ghee rice. Not very enjoyable.

Nothing much good can be said about the other dishes too. The fried kallummekka (mussels) was the only dish appreciable, although it too had too much oil and onions.

We finished off the lunch with fresh lime juice, that was served at ambient temperature! They apparently ran out of ice and cool drinking water.

In short, 'Mezbaan' was indeed a very forgettable experience.


  1. it was very unfortunate for you to be childish in this way

  2. @Jeeva - It's quite unfortunate of you to fail reading comprehension too!