Friday, June 4, 2010

Zinc n Rock - Restaurant

Zinc n Rock is a stylish new café, located at the Vanross Junction. These guys have placed ads on every nook and corner of the city, and so we decided to check it out.

It's a delight to walk in to this stylishly decorated restaurant. The theme seems to be 'Red & Black' everywhere and of course, rock music. An electric guitar adorns a wall and there's a durbar at a corner, where you can sit down on the cushions on the floor (if you are capable of bending your knees, that is!). But the constant rock noise (I dare not call it music) from the shabby speakers gets on your nerves after a while. I really cherished the moments of pause between tracks!

The menu too is quite attractive with a variety of sandwiches, burgers and beverages. The prices were reasonable too.
We marked our orders on a list provided and the waiter was very prompt to collect it from us. And then our loooong wait began. It took about an hour for our sandwiches/burgers to be served. When enquired, the manager told us that the delay was because they were bringing the items hot from the oven!
Anyway, the food was quite okay, but nothing spectacular. The relatively lower prices on the menu was more than compensated by the reduced size of servings!

After two hours, we were still waiting for our milkshakes and coffee. We could see people at other tables getting irritated by the delay (and by the 'music' too in no small measure, I guess). The manager was all apologetic but that didn't help with the situation. We canceled our drinks and paid the bill and got out. I didn't then have any memory of the delight I felt when walking in to the place left in me!

Zinc n Rock is a treat to the eyes. But it's irritating for the ears and tormenting for your stomachs. If you need to waste a couple of hours (waiting for a train perhaps), I suggest you buy a ticket for one of the amazing Malayalam movies in theaters rather than visit Zinc n Rock. That at least costs a lot less!

Update: Zinc n Rock guys have been conducting occasional 'food festivals'. I tried their Biryani festival. It was horrible.. I guess I should stay away from this place forever!


  1. did you try their biryani fest of 2011?

  2. @Anonymous
    No.. After my last biryani experience, I don't have the slightest inclination towards zinc n rock :-(