Monday, September 6, 2010

KEPCO Chicken Restaurant

We had planned to try this 'Government' restaurant at Pettah when it opened last May. It was only a couple of days after the inauguration and Kurian, our reliable scout, reported that they were severely understaffed and not able to keep the tables running. So we had moved on to some other diner that day.

Anyway, I paid a visit to the 'Chicken Restaurant' a couple of days back for lunch. The restaurant is pretty decent in the inside, although the air conditioners were conveniently put off. The place looks real nice (especially for a Government concern) and the tables are comfortably spaced.

The lunch menu, however, was not very exciting. Chicken Biriyani, Chapathi, Chicken Fry & chicken Curry! You don't need a menu card to tell you that, right? And they didn't have one either. Anyway, we ordered the Biriyani and chicken fry.

I must say I wasn't disappointed with the food. The biriyani was not top-notch or anything but was tasty and quite good. For about Rs.80, you get a big bowl of Biriyani with 3-4 pieces of chicken, smeared in thick gravy. Not a bad deal at all. It was a bit of a let down to have no egg served with the biriyani, but given my cholesterol levels, I shouldn't complain :-)

The chicken fry (priced about Rs.60), though served cold, wasn't bad either.

We didn't enquire about desserts or beverages, but considering they offered no menu card, I guess they don't have any. Overall, I'd recommend this restaurant if you just want to have some chicken biriyani and aren't looking for a fancy menu.


  1. Dear 'smoke',
    Really enjoyed all ur restaurant reviews.. I am coming to TVM for 2 weeks of vacation with family, with my American partner.. We both love anything authentic Kerala, and of course the best place would be my home.. Still, I love to take everyone including my parents to good restaurants at TVM. Last time at Cochin it was disappointing as big names just kept the high price.. It would be great if you could write a post on best places, in your experience, to enjoy authentic Kerala (may also Indian) food.. Reading ur posts I cam up with these
    1. Varnam -- Sea food (Bakery Jn)
    2. Dakhani Degh -- Hyd Biriyani and Kabob
    3. Black pepper -- Travancore dishes (Gandhari Amman Kovil Road)
    4. Buhari in East Fort

    Since we don't have much time to explore , a list of ur recommendation would be helpful.. Any authentic seafood buffet place in tvm?? I am not a fan of buffet with all the continental and European dishes, but more looking for Kerala dishes.. thanks in advance...

  2. Also. to continue the above comment.. there was a good seafood place in Chala bazaar.. it was inside the bazaar, and was kind of dirty looking place.. they served plain rice, fish curry (i think just gravy) and fish fry (and big prawns).. it was 15 yrs back.. the fish was so fresh, and was excellent.. not sure it still exist... did u happen to know??? also, any good place in Kovalam?? Does Leela good for a buffet??? thanks

  3. @Sreekanth
    Thanks for the nice words.
    I believe the restaurant you visited in Chalai is called 'Mubarak'. I've never been there but what I've heard about it fits your description. If I'm right, then the place is still open.

    If you're interested in sea food, there are two other places you could visit:
    1. Sagara - located at Vazhuthacaud, near Kalabhavan theatre (below a Bajaj bike showroom). It's a good place to get fish, shell-fish etc., but not so much for chicken & other meat
    2. New Mubarak - located at Statue, in the road adjacent to the Secretariat (SBT road). It's great for sea food, but again is a bit small and crowded - for lunch at least.

    Unfortunately, I'm completely blank when it comes to restaurants near Kovalam. We don't generally travel that far for casual lunch/dinners :-)
    And I don't know of any place tat specialises in sea food buffet. As you mentioned, perhaps Leela might help.

    Please note that many of the restaurants we discussed are quite small and not even remotely comparable to the likes of 'Leela'.

  4. Thanks a lot for ur response... I'm sure your recommendations would help me.. I only plan for one or two visit to expensive places, but would explore reasonable and authentic places.. Anyway, please consider writing a post, where your friends also could express their beloved places.. at least, it would be a good start for someone doesn't know the place, like me.. will keep checking your site.. thanks

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