Friday, September 10, 2010

Product of the Decade

Let me show you what I consider to be the product of the decade:

It's an amazing piece of work, isn't it? I mean it has revolutionized things so much that I now wonder how I managed before I got one of these..

It's small, good looking, and given it's usefulness, pretty cheap too. I adore the idea that such a small thing could pack quite a punch.

I've been using it quite frequently these days. When I'm home there's hardly a moment when I'm far from it. Wherever I am in the house, I make sure I have it at arm's reach. With this guy around almost nothing bugs me.

I know quite a lot of people might disagree with me, but I'd still go as far as calling it the invention of the decade. It's the best investment I've made in recent times. Worth every Paisa I spent on it. Anybody who has used one would definitely agree with me here.

To show my love for this handy little guy, let me post another picture.

I love you.. my dear bug zapper.. What would I do without you...

PS: Btw, that iPod Touch in the first picture is a gift my wife got (not from me, obviously.. I would've bought her a bug zapper bat instead ;-)

PPS: Contrary to what I had expected, I did actually gift her a pair of gold earrings. And that too on no special occasion. Aren't I the best hubby ever? ;-)

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  1. but darling ur bug zapper cannot play music for me.....