Sunday, October 13, 2013

Raja Rani (Tamil) - Movie Review

Raja Rani directed by debutant Atlee (I couldn't help wonder, what kind of a name is that?) and produced by AR Murugadoss has Arya, Nayantara, Nazriya and Jai in lead roles. Veteran actor Sathyaraj and new-gen comedians Sathyan and Santhanam also handle major roles in this flick.

The movie opens with a christian wedding ceremony - between John (Arya) and Regina (Nayantara). Both bride and groom appear to be least interested in getting married and put on desperate faces. The bride even accidentally calls out the name of her previous lover (apparently, at this time in the movie) - Soorya (Jai). However everything proceeds as usual and the wedding materializes, forcing the duo to live together in one apartment. The movie proceeds to explain why these people got married in the first place and why they're so miserable. The first half has Regina's story (featuring Soorya) and the second half has John's (featuring Keerthana - Nazriya).

Before writing further, I'll summarize my review: Raja Rani is a terribly stupid movie. It is torture to sit through 159 minutes, watching Arya and Jai fighting for the title of Worst Actor Ever!

Warning: Spoilers ahead....

It just feels dumb to watch Arya's act whether he's playing drunk or as bitten by the love bug. He just looks like a retard in most parts of the movie and his dialog delivery sucks.
But the award for the most irritating actor of the movie undoubtedly goes to Jai. I cherished the brief moments in the first half when his character would shut up. Having him dead in the first half itself brings some relief though. Its hard to believe he's the same guy from Subramaniapuram.
Nayantara was quite okay. She looks great and has done a decent job with her role. Nazriya, as always, looks cute and bubbly. A bit too cho-chweet line though (reminds me of Genelia). In fact, the female actors are the only bearable thing in this movie.
Sathyaraj's character doesn't need to do much, but he hasn't done bad either.

Why is Regina, the daughter of a ridiculously rich man (who drives his own Jaguar though) married to an ordinary car salesman? That too by arranged marriage? Couldn't the father find a more suitable groom for his one and only darling daughter? I couldn't understand this point even after finishing the movie!

The basic plot and story line is all too predictable. Several people have already pointed out the similarity with Maniratnam's Mouna Ragam. Is Raja Rani about eternal love, or is it about how time heals things? Well, I don't know for sure. It seems to be about a little bit of both, though that sounds contradictory.
In Raja Rani, people fall in love very quickly and sing songs and dance around before moving on to the inevitable tragedy that awaits them. And by that I mean death and not marriage. So you lost your one true love.. so what? Your next true love will come along and you can kick-start your life whenever you want. That's the message this movie tries to convey through these terrible actors and stupid scenes.

The climax was the worst part. This movie doesn't have a climax scene. It has a climax hour (does that sound like the punch-line for a brand of condoms?). It drags on between Arya & Nayantara without making any connection with the audience. The makers even try to push a twist in to this mess in the last minutes.

Overall, Raja Rani is a highly overrated movie. It's downright a bad movie that shouldn't have been made.


  1. How come u go for such a movie..and btw Atlee is not a strange name...Remember the name of the british prime minister at the time of Indian independence..."Clement Attlee"...

    1. Well, I meant Atlee was a strange Indian name (his full name is Atlee Kumar). I didn't know about Clement Attlee, tough :-(

  2. I was not aware u r trying to become a sulficker!!!!!!!!!!. What made u to see this movie? Director ? Actors ? or Actresses? I am happy that movies is 159 minutes long. U might have enjoyed it !!!!!!!!!

    1. I was in Kollam at Priya's place and we wanted to watch some movie. Abhilash had told me that he heard good things about this movie. So I opted this one instead of zachariayude garbhinikal.