Saturday, October 26, 2013

Wishbone - Restaurant

Wishbone is a relatively new restaurant at Kuravankonam Junction (just beside Cafe Mojo) offering healthy and/or tasty dining to the city folks.
The restaurant is overseen by Ms. Lalitha Appukkutan, a nutritionist who occasionally appears on TV shows (related to diets).

The restaurant almost exclusively focuses on chicken, besides its choice of vegetarian dishes. They have two menus - Ultimate Wish & Heavenly Wish. The Ultimate menu is for the calorie conscious and the Heavenly one is for those who wish to honour their taste buds. Both menus have veg & non-veg dishes, but I found the Heavenly menu more attractive because it had more chicken dishes :-)

The restaurant is very well furnished and give off a comfy ambience. The place is not very big and sometimes it does feel a bit crowded and noisy depending on who your neighbours are. But the food is really good. All curries are served steaming hot and have a distinct freshness about them. Serving quantity is medium and even low for some dishes. All items are very reasonably priced - about Rs. 90-140.

I found all dishes (I mean the ones we had, of course) to be excellent, except for 'Irachi Puttu' which was a let down. The dessert menu is also quite limited. I tried the Coffee Vanilla pudding and Coconut pudding. Both were quite okay.

I wouldn't use the word exquisite, but it was the best dinner I had in recent times. So if you crave for some good food, do checkout Wishbone.

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