Thursday, July 16, 2009

Black Pepper - Restaurant

How do you feel when a restaurant claims to be 'the only place where you get Kerala's traditional tastes in the heart of Trivandrum city'. A tall claim?

Anyway, this restaurant on the Gandhari Amman Kovil Road, Pulimoodu/Statue (opposite to VIP Bag World) is a pretty good place for enjoying Travancore cuisine. I had noticed this place yesterday while shopping for some other stuff, and today it's mentioned on The Hindu Metro Plus supplement.
The restaurant is sufficiently large with lots of tables and the ambience is nice and comfortable.

We ordered 'Puttu' and generous servings of chicken, mutton and fish curries, not to mention the Travancore Beef fry and Netholi fry for starters(gluttons, you say? I prefer the word 'gourmand' ;-)
The restaurant also offers 'combo' packs with Puttu/Chapathi/Appam and choice of curry. I tried the so called 'Erachi Puttu (chicken)' which was nothing more than a 'plain puttu' with some grated chicken thrown in. If you are a fan of puttu, I'd recommend the trusted 'plain puttu' over the other varieties.

All the curries were nice, except the fish curry. It was way too sour for our tastes. The Netholi fry was good but was served cold. The beef fry was fine (a bit too oily, I must say) and at par with the 'Beef Ularthiyathu' of Tharavattil Plaza (that's near PMG - Law college Jn., in case you didn't know). This made Adarsh wonder: "എവിടെച്ചെന്നാലും വിശ്വസിച്ച് കഴിക്കാന്‍ പറ്റുന്നത് ബീഫ് ഫ്രൈ മാത്രം".

We couldn't try the Chicken Dosa (really, we just couldn't!), but the plain Dosa was nice too.

To wrap up, I'd recommend this place to all lovers of Kerala cuisine. For the five of us, the bill came to about Rs.850. Considering our menu, that's not too bad either ;-)
But this definitely isn't the only place (or the best, for that matter) in the city to enjoy Travancore cuisine. Far from it!

PS: If you like Puttu+Mutton, don't miss Buhari in East Fort. And you'll get good Chicken Dosa at The Garden Cafe inside the Mascot Hotel.

PPS: The small 'article' in The Hindu Metro Plus is actually an Ad. It's placed in such a way that it looks like an article written for The Hindu (shame on The Hindu for allowing such misleading ads).

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